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3 Dog Friendly Luxury Cottages  Somerset

Welcome to our Quantock Cottages  Spring Newsletter

Our cottages are a place where boutique luxury meets the charm of rural Somerset. Our dog-friendly retreats offer 3 unique cottages which are set within the privacy of our country estate.

Against the back-drop of horrendous weather conditions earlier on this year we built at the very top of the Quantock Hide's garden, beneath the 300 year old beech trees "Rascals" bar. 

The country and coastal views going some 700 ft down to sea level are simply glorious and it is the perfect spot for a "sun downer" 

No bar would be complete without an official opening and this ceromony was carried out a lovely couple and their woofer who are frequent flyers to the Quantock Hide. And obviously no bar would be complete without a twinkly lights, a bell, cocktail menus and indoor and outdoor seating and a fire pit

Pixie Glade is our woodland picnic spot and with the onset of spring this beautiful leafy glade is truly coming in to her own.

Two years ago we had to fell over 45 ancient ash trees in this wood as they had ash die back disease (this disease basically eats the trees from inside to out) It was truly heart breaking to see these once mighty trees be on the ground and the devastation that it caused to woods in general. 

We wanted to create something that would be once again beautiful that our guests could enjoy, from something that was quite so awful and Pixie Glade is the result. It is a truly stunning spot, just a circa 7 minute walk from Coleridge and Greenway and a 1 minute amble from the Quantock Hide. 

To sit at the picnic table looking out to sea and listening to the birds in the trees really is a very special experience and at night lying back on the loungers with the fire pit going looking up to the stars is equally - well heaven!

Due to what seemed to be the never ending winter, we just could not get out on to the land to do all the jobs we would normally do in early February. Normally we would be painting all the garden fences, replacing any posts or rails that maybe required in the bark parks and doing my least favourite job in the world, which is creosoting the estate fencing. 

Finally last week there was a long enough break in the weather that we could get on to the land and do all of those jobs including harrowing, rolling and general woodland tidy throughs. 

We had 9 named storms pass through us over the course of the winter, so we had a fair bit of "wombling" aka as picking up and clearing small branches. We sadly lost another 2 trees over the winter, one being in the Quantock Hide garden, but these we dealt with immediately. 


As we are constantly investing into the cottages, their gardens and guest facilities such as our 3 onsite exclusive use dog exercise fields, 2 of which are classed as secure as they have 6ft fencing, and the 3rd enclosure has a dog agility course, we constantly havee to update all of our images and vids. Have a look at our latest doggie move below


Also below you will see the galleries of each cottage. Virtually all of Coleridge & Greenway's images are new as we re-shot them earlier this year

Watch Our Short Doggo Movie


We adore all dogs and have designed and built our luxury cottages for those:

  • Reactive / nervous dogs

  • Toy size dogs

  • Very large dogs

  • BSL's

  • Every size in between 

  • Every breed

  • Multiple dogs




More dogs possible on request




More dogs possible on request