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In May of 2023 we hosted the deputy editor of Hitched (which is a leading UK wedding planning destination with a simple mission: to help people get married. Hitched has provided couples with help, advice and inspiration covering every aspect of wedding planning from the engagement to honeymoon) & her wonderful partner and her parents dog. We were thrilled that in our article she wrote that she had never known a place as truly dog friendly as we are and she concluded her article by saying that our cottages were most luxurious dog-friendly honeymoon destination which offered charm and relaxation in equal measures. 

We took a trip to Quantock Cottages in Somerset to check out their dog-friendly honeymoon accommodation, and we were not disappointed!


Rima Barakeh

30 of May, 2023


If you're the kind of couple who are planning on having a dog-friendly wedding day, you're definitely the kind of couple who need to hear about our latest press trip. We were lucky enough to spend a long weekend in Quantock Cottages - a selection of three dog-friendly cottages that take hosting pups *very* seriously.

You've probably heard of dog-friendly accommodation or hotels before, but you've never known a place like this - one that puts dogs at the centre of everything they do. With the motto, "Dogs most welcome. Well-behaved adults may accompany," it's clear to see where their priorities lie. And we know that dog-lovers far and wide will appreciate their canine-loving approach.

Quantock Cottages: A Dog-Friendly Honeymoon Review in the UK

Offering three cottage accommodation options for couples, families and their pooches, The Quantock Cottages really takes hosting dogs and their owners to an entirely new level. 

From dog-pubs and agility courses, to pup welcome baskets and plenty of treats for you couples, here's our verdict on the dog-friendly Quantock Cottages in Somerset. 


Luxurious Cottages & Services

The Quantock Cottages, located amidst the stunning Quantock Hills, are a selection of three dog-friendly holiday cottages, each with their own unique personality and feel, but all equally as homely and charming. We got the chance to stay in The Quantock Hide, the property's most luxurious cottage, but we also toured Coleridge and Greenway cottages - both equally as lovely!


The Quantock Hide


Arriving at The Quantock Hide, we truly felt like we'd just arrived home, but our home was more beautiful, better kept and more impressive than usual. It really does give that home-away-from-home feel, and that's mostly down to the warmth and effort that hosts Emma and Simon put into all the little touches - but before we get onto that - here's what you'll find in this cottage. 

The Quantock Hide has a spacious open-plan living room, kitchen and diner, with double height ceilings adorned with charming wooden beams and rustic countryside decor. There is a log-burning fire to keep things toasty in the colder months (although temperature was no issue for us!), and the sofas are perfectly comfy for a cosy night in. 

Upstairs, there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The second bedroom is a spacious double, and the main bathroom is modern and beautifully decorated - but it's the master bedroom and bathroom that really impressed us. Inside the main bedroom, you'll find an enormous super king size bed, with a stand-alone bathtub at the end of it.

Both romantic and luxurious, it's perfect for any honeymooning couple! But aside from the amenities, it's what you're welcomed with that makes the stay so special. Guests can expect to be welcomed with a hamper of goodies, personalised wooden plaque to remember their stay, a bottle of bubbles and a fridge filled with the essentials - breakfast goodies and treads all locally sourced by your hosts.

Pillow sprays, little trinkets of sweets, champagne next to the bath and matching slippers and bath robes are just some of the details that set this honeymoon accommodation aside from your average hotel - not one detail has been overlooked, and it made all the difference. 

Hot Tubs & Gardens


All three cottages here have their own private hot tubs and enclosed gardens. At The Quantock Hide, your hot tub is located on the second level of your garden (there's three levels in total), and sits under a wooden canopy, and next to a Thailand-style wooden bar. 

The garden at The Quantock Hide is vast. On the ground floor you will find several seating areas, a barbecue, dog washing station and more. The second level houses the hot tub and private bar, and this then leads up to the third level where you can enjoy your own private grassed garden complete with its very own hammock. 

In Coleridge and Greenway, guests also get their very own private, enclosed gardens, and both also have a private hot tub covered by a canopy. They also have outdoor drinks areas and feel so private and secluded from the outside world. 



Coleridge & Greenway


Though The Quantock Hide is the property's most luxurious accommodation, the two other cottages, Coleridge and Greenway are equally as charming in their own rights. Set across one floor instead of two, these cottages have more of an open-plan feel to them, with a large kitchen, dining and living room in the centre of the accommodation, and two bedrooms and two bathrooms leading off of this. 

Their gardens, as mentioned above, are private and beautifully kept, giving you plenty of room to relax and eat and drink al-fresco, whilst keeping an eye on your wandering pooches. The kitchens are modern and so well stocked, with everything you need for a weekend, full week or more! 

Luxurious Experiences

Though the hot tubs, stocked kitchens and surrounding spaces give you plenty to keep busy with, couples or groups who want to take things up a notch can add on a number of luxurious experiences whilst enjoying their stay here. 

In the past, hosts Emma and Simon have facilitated requests for private chefs, farm food shop deliveries, in-cottage spa treatments and more. Both a holistic massage and beauty treatment, or a tasting menu and fusion dining can all be accommodated here.

Dog-Friendly Indoor and Outdoor Spaces


Beyond dog-friendly, I'm tempted to call Quantock Cottages dog-first, because your four-legged friend really is the VIP when staying here. Hosts Emma and Simon are lovers of all animals, but dogs brought here are treated like absolute royalty - an experience which our cocker spaniel Maisie very much enjoyed. 

Luxurious Dog-Friendly Cottages & Gardens

Each property has dog-centric areas made up of comfy dog beds, a snack station, water bowls and a selection of treats perfect for your furry friend to enjoy. But it's what's outside which really made this the perfect dog-friendly honeymoon destination.

The Quantock Hide, where we stayed, had a gorgeous outdoor area with multiple levels and a plethora of space - all of which was completely enclosed, making completely safe for dogs to roam free and explore their surroundings without any worry of them running off. The other accommodation cottages also have completely self-contained gardens, giving you the same luxury on a slightly smaller scale.


Dog-Friendly Outdoor Spaces & Activities


As well as your own private enclosed garden, the property land is also home to three other dog-centric spaces for pups to enjoy. Mini bark is an enclosed field spanning across one third of an acre of land, and is perfect for smaller toy dogs and any pups who like to run around smaller spaces - it also has its very own doggy paddling pool and the Quantock Arms, for them to drink out of - cute!

For larger dogs, and owners bringing multiple pets, Central Bark is the larger fenced field which spans across an entire acre. This fenced paddock is perfect for larger dogs to run around freely without the risk of them escaping to explore the grounds without you.

And for dogs who love to play and burn energy, (that's our Maisie!), you'll love spending time in The Dog Soze, a 3/4 acre woodland playground made exclusively for dogs. In there, you will find a dog agility course which is, again, fully fenced, safe and enclosed. 

And if that wasn't enough, the cottages themselves are set amidst a whopping 9,000 acres of parkland, hills and woodland, perfect for roaming for hours on end. If you're the type of people who struggle to tire your dog out, the Quantock Hills will soon do the trick. 

Local Must-Visit Spots

Hosts Emma and Simon are fully-fledged locals, and have created guides and pages on their cottage app to ensure all visitors make the most of the surrounding areas. We asked them for some recommendations and spent a few days exploring their must-see spots - and it's safe to say we weren't disappointed!

The Quantock Hills


The Quantock Cottages are located right in the centre of the famous Quantock Hills, and having something as beautiful as that on your doorstep felt worlds away from our busy life in London. We took our pooch Maisie off to explore the hills, and what we saw was breath-taking.

Within just 25 minutes of walking through beautiful woodlands, we found ourselves on top of one of the Quantock Hills, enjoying panoramic views of Somerset countryside on one side, and the West coast on the other. Needless to say we could have explored these walks for hours on end and still not feel like we'd covered enough of it. 

Right at the bottom of the road that the cottages are on, you will also find one of our favourite pubs from the trip - The Hood Arms - where we had the best meal of the entire trip!


Dunster Village

Emma and Simon recommended a trip to Dunster Village while we stayed at The Quantock Hide. Dunster Village is a Medieval town which is steeped in history. We visited the famous Dunster Castle which is a National Trust property, and spent some time walking the cobbled streets and eating scones in one of the local cafes. But the real piece de resistance was our roast dinner at The Luttrell Arms, an old pub located in the middle of town. The food was brilliant - just what the Dr ordered after a long day of breezy walks.

Though the Quantock Hills gives tough competition, one of our favourite walks we did during our stay was From Blue Anchor Beach to the town of Dunster. Starting our walk on Blue Anchor Beach, we followed the path just behind the coast - and we were met with unspoilt views of stony coastline on one side, and sheep-filled meadows on the other. It was genuinely one of the most beautiful walks we'd ever been on - and we love a walk.

So there you have it - that's what we thought of Quantock Cottages, a luxurious dog-friendly honeymoon destination which offer charm and relaxation in equal measures. 

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