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Why Dogs Need Holiday's Too

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

More reports are coming in confirming what all dog owners know, but apparently it has now been proven scientifically that dogs really do need holidays as much as their humans.

Here are our top 5 reasons why dogs need holidays:


We all know that dogs are incredibly clever and are sensitive to our emotions and as we fire fight with our daily lives, they pick up on all these nuances. When you are on a peaceful luxury UK holiday you will be relaxed and content and this will directly transmit to the four legged family members.


As much as we all would love to, we can’t always spend the quality time with our dogs that they deserve. Those horrible specters of work, family, life demands often gets in the way and our pooches can sometimes just get the crumbs of our time. Dogs love being with their owners, and when on a dog friendly cottage holiday, you will have all the time in the world to spend with your woofers and this is real “quality time” where great memories and experiences can be had and made.


Dog behaviorists have told us for years that a happy dog is an active dog and that’s not just physical exercise but they also need mental activity and stimulation. Often this is difficult to achieve at home when they are in familiar environments and routines. Staying at uber dog friendly places provides for the perfect opportunity for your four legged family members to sniff out new and exciting smells & experiences. Maybe they could enjoy a trip to a dog friendly beach, a play in one of 3 purpose built doggie exercise paddocks or a try at agility in a woodland play area, a paddle in a meandering steam or a stroll across the Quantock open moorland, all these are on the menu for canine guests who stay at our Quantock Cottages in Somerset.


With pandemic lockdowns and the substantial rise in new dog owners and the new “normal” of working from home, many folks have not had the chance to properly bond with their dog in the relaxed holiday setting. Just because you own a dog /s now, does not mean you have to compromise on luxury when looking for UK short break or staycation the two can go happily paw in hand. With some cottages offering stunning bedrooms, real wood fires, state of the art kitchens, covered hot tubs, outside bars and fire pits and importantly that properly fully enclosed garden so that you can relax knowing your bestie can’t go exploring on their own you do not have to substitute luxury for dogs, you can have it all.


Many dogs have arrived with their new parents via by way of rescue centers and often they have had traumatic pasts and have socialisation and very real trauma issues. Research has shown that by gently exposing dogs to new safe situations their healing process and in turn their confidence can be advanced. When looking for that perfect cottage to take your new four footed adopted family member there are things you might want to consider. Is the cottage luxurious enough for you to be comfortable and happy in – you live in a lovely home why would you want to spend your precious leisure time and money in a place that is not as comfortable as your own home. Remember dogs pick up on our emotions more than we know and if you are not happy they wont be either. Secondly many cottages advertise that they are dog friendly, when in fact they are dog “tolerant” Do they have many house rules? Do they operate a strict “Paws On The Floors” policy? If your fur kid is used to snuggling up to you on the sofa then this is hard to explain why they can’t in their temporary accommodation and this will only feed in to their anxiety and not to mention your own. What type of flooring does the cottage have. Is it sensible wood/wood laminate flooring or is lovely white carpets throughout – (horror of horrors think muddy paws romping around!) What onsite facilities are there for you to share this oh so important bonding and quality time with your new family member. Are there wash stations for muddy paws? Are there good walks nearby? Is there a dog friendly pub in walking distance, all these things need to be taken in consideration before picking your perfect holiday cottage.

For an example of such luxury truly dog friendly cottages see ours at where dogs are most welcome, children tolerated and well behaved adults may accompany!

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