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Smoking Policy

Smoking Policy
Smoking is strictly prohibited within the cottages.

Guests are welcome to smoke in the gardens away from any fence lines or buildings. Please under no circumstances smoke by the doors of the cottage, you might be outside, but the smoke easily drifts in and with the thick handmade curtains it is impossible to get rid of the smell without having to send them to a specialist dry cleaner which will result in a substantial cost to yourself. More to the point,

the cottages are timber clad and thus there is a very real fire risk.

NB if you wish to smoke outside, please advise us in advance so that we may put out for your use an appropriate fire retardant bucket.

If there is evidence/smell of smoking within the cottage we reserve the right to charge not only additional cleaning fees that we will incur to try and remedy the situation, but also if required the re accommodating of the in coming guests in alternative premises of a similar standard, until the smell of/evidence of smoking is no longer, and the cottage is fit for the in coming guests to take occupation.

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