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Hot Tub Emergency Procedures


Access the nature of the incident and decide, as a matter of urgency, whether to contact the Emergency Services by calling 999 or only to simply administer first aid, or both.


Coleridge & Greenway: A First Aid Box is located in the boot room.

The Quantock Hide: A First Aid Box is located in the top of the larder unit left of fridge.

A Defibrillator: Located on the front wall of Hood Arms, which is at the bottom of the lane.

Hot Tub Power Isolators: Coleridge & Greenway socket next door to tub. The Quantock Hide = back of tub under the cover lifters.

2. Provide the necessary first aid


Where an accident is deemed to be of a serious nature the emergency services should be called:

Dial 999 and ask for Ambulance Service

Give Your Location:

Coleridge or Greenway Cottage = Pardlestone Lane, Kilve. TA5 1SQ.

The Quantock Hide = Beech Hanger, Holford, TA5 1SG

BUT TELL THEM TO COME UP PARDLESTONE LANE USING THE TA5 1SQ Post code (or they will get very lost) and have open the electric gates ready for the ambulance.

Follow instruction from the Emergency Service’s Call Handler

In cases of broken bones, suspected spinal cord injury (SSCI) or unconsciousness do not move the patient until first aid has been given and or a Paramedic/Doctor has authorised the movement of the casualty.

If the heart has stopped beating commence cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Continue CPR until the casualty restarts breathing and a pulse is found, or until Paramedics take over. Patients who have been resuscitated should be placed in the recovery position and should be treated for shock until the ambulance arrives.

All cases of head injury or SSCI should be treated as serious and an ambulance should be called. In no circumstances, should the casualty be permitted to return to the hot tub at any stage even if they appear to be well. Delayed concussion is a real possibility and may lead to loss of consciousness in the hot tub.

Report all incidents and actions taken to the owners or their nominated representative.

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