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Garden / Parking / EV Charging

Are the gardens properly secure for dogs?

Yes they are. We are dog owners ourselves so we truly understand how important this element is when looking for a holiday experience.

Being dog owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to have properly dog secure gardens, as without this we can't relax if we are worried that our dogs might go off and have an adventure on their own, thus each of our cottage gardens are extremely well fenced with dogs in mind and to the best of our knowledge are fully dog secure.

The garden perimeter fencing for each cottage is circa 6ft plus.

The perimeter fencing is made up of a mix of close board wooden fencing and purpose built specialist deer fencing (designed to keep large herds of deer in/out) The mesh holes are 30mm (the size of an adults thumb)

Because each cottage garden is large, ​we also have specific built doggie gates so you can decide how much or how little of your cottage's garden you want your dogs to have at any one time.

Last year (2023) we had 379 K9 guests staying across our 3 cottages and the gardens happily contained them all.

Is there a BBQ?

We provide charcoal BBQ's . Charcoal can be purchased from the village shop at the end of the lane.

Are the gardens lit?

Each of the gardens have dusk to dawn ambient lights and also PIR's so you will be able to see the woofies when they go out for their late night business.

Is there parking off road and how many cars can we fit?

Yes each cottage has their own off road parking spaces, and yes there is plenty of room per cottage to park multiple cars.

Do you have EV Chargers?

At present we don't have EV chargers but it is something that we are looking to get. The nearest charging station is just 5 miles away.

As you don't have EV Chargers can I just plug my cable in to one of the cottage/property sockets?

I am afraid absolutely not. Not only does this poses a huge fire risk but it could invalidate our insurance. Please Click Here to see our full EV charging policy.

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