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Your Private Secluded Enclosed Garden

Being dog owners ourselves we understand how important it is to have properly secure gardens with appropriate fencing which is fully dog proof as without this we can't relax. We have made sure that each of our 3 cottages have their own private large gardens that are accessed straight from the cottages and that each cottage garden is well fenced and are totally dog proof no matter how small or large our canine guests are. The secure garden fencing is up to a good height. Each cottage garden is a mixture of grass and gravel.


Are the gardens for each cottage shared or are they private to that cottage?

Each of our 3 cottages has their own PRIVATE and exclusive use gardens.

How far away are the gardens from the cottage?

The gardens for each cottage are accessed directly from the cottages.

Are the gardens properly secure for dogs?

Being dog owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to have properly dog secure gardens, as without this we can't relax if we are worried that our dogs might go off and have an adventure on their own, thus each of our cottage gardens are extremely well fenced with dogs in mind, even those who are escape artists.

On the individual cottage pages on this website it looks as though the gardens are quite extensive.

Indeed cottage has lovely gardens which are large and are a mixture of gravel and grass but you can decide which or how many of the garden "rooms" you want your fur kids to have as we have purpose built gates to close off sections that you might not want them to go in to.

My dog does not like other dogs, is this a problem?

About 80-90 % of our canine guests are rescue people and the majority have issues of some sort or another so the cottages and their gardens (ie tall close board garden fencing) are designed to account for this. The Quantock Hills are very quiet if you see anyone else it is a rarity The dog zone is only for our cottage guests use and for the 3 years that we have had it I don't know of one occasion when someone has had to queue to use it.

Do you have a secure dog exercise area?

We don't have just one secure doggie exercise area we have 3! Page back and go to "view the Bark Parks" tab to see all the info on these secure fields.

Is the local pub dog friendly?

Yes we have 2 within walking distance. The Hood Arms is at the bottom of the lane. The food here is exceptional. We also have the Plough Inn at Holford, again this is a very good local pub.

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