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The Enclosed Secure Exercise Fields

We have 3 purpose built secure doggie exercise enclosures, one of which has an agility course. "Central Bark" and "Mini Bark" are adjacent to Coleridge & Greenway parking areas and the "Dog Zone" is up Nr the Quantock Hide. The fencing for both Central Bark and Mini Bark is small hole stock fencing which then has 16 gauge high tensile wire above and above that is a rail. The dog zone is full stock height and has 2 strands of 16 gauge wire on top of as well. So if you just want to toss a ball, or you want some space to do some serious dog training, or perhaps just have fun hanging out with your bestie trying your hand and their paws at agility you can do this secure in the knowledge that these doggie play areas are enclosed.


Do we have to book the Bark Parks in advance?

No, we have 3 enclosed doggie exercise fields and these are strictly only for the use of K9's and their "hoomans" who stay at our 3 cottages, thus one will always be available for your use.

What height is the fencing on the exercise fields?

We have full height stock fencing, then 2 stands of 16 gauge wire above and a rail on top of that.

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