...children tolerated..  well behaved adults may accompany!

Being dog owners we understand that for many a UK holiday without the "fur kids" is no holiday at all. Thus our three unique luxury dog friendly cottages which are located at the top of Somerset’s remote isolated and majestic Quantock Hills - a place where ancient woodland meets wild Jurassic coastline genuinely welcome up to 3 dogs per cottage and more possible on request.


These detached extremely well separated private and luxurious cottages welcome all breeds and multiple dogs. They have glorious sea views, large enclosed private gardens and hot tubs so you don't have to substitute luxury when on holiday with your pets, the two can happily go paw in hand.


If you dream of a coastal break with strolls along dog-friendly beaches or brisk walks on the isolated open moors, our Quantock Cottages will delight both you and your dogs.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


At the top of your enclosed garden lies the 9,000 acres of open moorland which are perfect for walkies and the beach is just a mile and half down the lane. 



Being dog owners ourselves we understand how important it is to have properly secure gardens with appropriate fencing which is dog proof as without this we can't relax.


When we are on holiday we want to be able to stumble out of bed in the morning, open the door let the dogs out to do their business and have a play, while we go back to bed for some well earned rest, but we want to be able to do this secure in the knowledge that our dogs are safe and are contained within gardens.


We have made sure that each of our 3 cottages have large gardens that are well fenced with a mixture of close-board and stock proof fencing. The secure garden fencing is up to a good height (One of our GSD's must I think be related to stag as she can pretty much jump anything, 5 bar gates included and she has not been able to escape out of the gardens - we used her as the crash test dummy!!

Each of the enclosed gardens have a mixture of grass and gravel and as the gardens are large and private and we have purpose designed and built doggie gates so you can decide how little or how much space your fur kids get to use at any given time. 



If you are worried that when walking on the open Quantock Hills your woofies might chase livestock or that they might just have too much fun exploring and might not want to come back when called, we have a purpose built 3/4 acre enclosed canine woodland play zone complete with an agility course for our doggie guests to enjoy.


The fencing for the dog zone is full stock height and has 2 strands of 16 gauge wire on top of as well. So if you just want to toss a ball, or you want some space to do some serious dog training, or perhaps just have fun hanging out with your bestie trying your hand and their paws at agility you can do this secure in the knowledge that this area is enclosed.



Because you have a hot tub, we felt it only fair that our doggie guests did as well. So by your front door you will find a doggie spa, which has a bath tub, a hot and cold shower and a drying bench.





More amazing that we thought it would and we thought it would be great! You've thought of everything and so lovely to see that "dog-friendly" really means DOG FRIENDLY. We will definitely be back for hot-tubs, BBQ (we managed 2) doggie Reiki healing and lots more.

Cathy, Paul and Billy who is a rescue pup and he had so much fun" March 13-20th 2020

  • Purpose built 3/4 acre enclosed woodland play doggie playground with agility course

  • Dog-friendly beach 1.5 miles

  • Dog friendly pub at the bottom of the lane

  • Relax in the knowledge that they are in place that does not just tolerate but genuinely loves having dogs to stay

  • Each sumptuous cottage sleeps up to 4 guests in 2 bedrooms

  • Combine the perks of a luxurious boutique hotel with the independence, space and style of an indulgent country home

  • Private hot tub and wood burning fire

  • Dog guests have their own spa and a large enclosed garden which backs on to 9,000 acres of moorland - perfect for walkies

3 dogs any breed most welcome, more possible on request.

Our multi dog holiday cottages truly welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes and many of our woofie guests are rescue people