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If you are like us, we like to know who we are talking to and emailing when we are organising our holiday. We are Emma & Simon. We are in our late 40's and late 50's (but we won't mention that one!) Simon runs an office logistics design and fit-out company, I run the horses, house and the luxury rural self-catering holiday cottage collection.

Our family consists of3 German Shepherds and we also have2 horses. Before stumbling on this most stunning of areas, both Simon and I had done our time in London, we then lived in the Cotswolds for 15 years before deciding we wanted a change in life and life style so we moved to the Quantock's in Somerset.

Having been the owners of 4 dogs of assorted sizes we know how difficult it is to find any holiday cottage that will allow more than "one small well behaved dog." We sometimes came across properties that would allow more than one, but it was as if the owners were convinced that if their guests had the temerity to own dogs then they must want to go on holiday and stay in a place that for all intents and purposes could be a kennel (actually no I would not put my dogs in there!!)

We had a very firm view of what we wanted to achieve from the three cottages that we were going to build on the estate. We wanted each property to be what we would like go to if we ever get to go on holiday. We want all the toys and luxuries that we don't have at home, we want to be truly spoilt, we want to be quiet private remote and we want the whole property and the surrounding area to be tranquil (well this bit we do have at home) and we would want somewhere that really welcomes dogs and not just tolerates them, because if our dogs are not relaxed and happy we can't relax. We wanted them to be proper homes with a heart and not just soulless holiday cottages. We Built Coleridge and Greenway in 2010, and welcomed our first guests in October that year and then in 2012 we added the Quantock Hide to our collection.

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The Beech Hanger Country Estate is thought to have been the hunting lodge of a wealthy Bristol Merchant. In 1911 the property appeared in Country Life magazine under the title of "a back to front sporting property." (The house is north facing - hence it was deemed to be back to front) Over the years the property has undergone many changes of ownership and in 2010 we purchased it and a new chapter begun for us and the Estate. 


We have had a terrible couple of years on our doggie front. Last year we lost our two darling staffies called Slap & Tickle who where 15 and 17 and we also lost our beautiful GSD to auto immune disease which came about as a result of a traumatic accident to her foot. There is not a day goes by that we don't miss them all terribly.


Our 3 remaining fur kids are GSD's and you will be able to tell from this website our dogs have to put up with quite alot in terms of being dressed up in hats and shades - well the Quantock Cottages are very much a team and family effort after all!


We have  horses called Murphy & Mikey

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For us this area is one of the most magical places on earth. No matter the time of year it is always beautiful. To have the freedom to be able to walk out of the back door and be able to go straight on to 9,500 acres of Quantock AONB and SSI open moorland which has stunning views of the coast and surrounding countryside is even 10 years on, spine tingling. If we see another person on our "hill" (this is what the locals call the Quantocks) we are most suprised - the Quantocks really are the hidden secret of the UK. 

Although we have the rugged coastal and moorland on the door step this area is not far flung or isolated. There is a fast train from Taunton to London (1 hr 45) so Simon can be up and back easily in a day. Being a good two hours closer to London and the Midlands than most of Devon and Cornwall there is no shortage of things to do or places to be and we have pretty fast Internet (don't laugh but alot of Exmoor has no coverage for Internet or mobile phones and a fair few of the properties are on generators as mains electricity has yet to reach them) so when we found Beech Hanger up the road on the stunning Quantocks we were relieved- mobiles, internet and mains electricity!



We are so terribly lucky in so much as we get to live and work in such a stunning location as this and we adore meeting new guests and introducing them to the pleasures and treasures of this special area. We are also terribly lucky once guests find us they often return not only year on year but several times a year and it is just like having lots and lots of old chums coming back and stay.


Both Simon and I are genuinely grateful that our guests have been kind enough to choose our cottages to spend their precious leisure time and money. We are so aware that there are a million holiday cottages out there and thus we constantly strive to not only meet our guests expectations but to surpass them, we love to surprise and delight.